Cupid’s un-evadable triangle! (Short story) part VI. *#

(continued from part V…)

There were some moments of silence. Then:
Shivani: “Yes, I too love you! But why did you ask?”
Hari: “Because I only ‘love’ you; I will never marry you!”
Shivani felt as if her heart had split into two. She was dumbfounded. She was raged but also
felt a need to cry. For some moments she could not open her mouth, feeling a lump in her throat,
although she felt a great need to reproach Hari. After some time regaining her composure, she
spoke calmly and gently, much to her own astonishment:
“It’s your choice, Hari. Did I ask you to?”
Hari: “No! But I felt I cannot marry a woman like you.”
Shivani: “And can I know why?”
Hari: “I do not like women as hard-hearted as you.”
Shivani: “If that is the case, then we will only be lovers, alright?
Hari: “I may not come to you again; I mean I cannot love anyone like you.” Saying this he got
up and went out of the auditorium and into the street. After some moments Shivani also returned to
her hostel. She was in a fix. She could not understand Hari’s adamancy. Why should he advocate
Sumu’s love as she does not like him one bit. True, he being a non-assamese, her marriage to him
will be difficult. But love knows no boundaries and she could have eloped with him; but now she
does not stand a chance. He had insulted her ‘in advance’. He had to be taught a lesson. She began to
think. And thinking does provide solutions to many problems; she knew it.

Unknown to Sumu, one of Shivani’s cousins a young boy named Bhargava who was two
years older than Shivani, was also studying Law at Bangalore in the same College as Sumu.
Sometimes he would communicate with Shivani over the phone. This time Shivani sought him out.
Over the phone, she instructed her cousin to give Sumu her Hostel phone number as she had some
talks with him. Her cousin sought Sumu out and did as she told him. The next Sunday following this
conversation, Sumu phoned to Shivani at her hostel. She felt indignation within herself but did not
allow it to surface through her words or manner of speech.
Sumu: “Hello! Is that Shivani over there? I’m Sumu calling from Bangalore.”
Shivani: “O.K! It’s me Shivani. How are you Sumu?”
Sumu was rather elated in hearing Shivani’s voice. That Shivani whom he would cast a
longing eye during his school days whenever he would find a chance is now alone with him on the phone
at the other end. What luck! he thought. He said:
“I’m fine Shivani. Your cousin (Bhargava) asked me to phone to you at this number. Was it
anything important?”
Shivani: “Well, Hari had once talked to me of some problem of yours that was related with
me. I think I have made up any mind. I accept your proposal. That is all.” on hearing this, Sumu was overjoyed
beyond description. He could not say anything. How he wanted to laugh, or to jump, or even run! He
could not hold himself. He could only mumble:
“Well… thank you Shivani. I do not know how to thank you… it is like you know…” his words
stopped out of ecstasy. Shivani spoke: “It’s all right Sumu. I know what you are trying to say. Let us be good lovers. Bye for now”
and she hung up.

As soon as Shivani disconnected, Sumu immediately phoned to a PCO near Hari’s Hostel and asked the owner to tell Hari to
phone to him. That evening Hari phoned. Sumu told him all that had happened. But Hari did not
show that much surprise as he was pleased. He had already anticipated this situation but with a little
apprehension; for he was not totally sure whether Shivani would fell in for his ruse or not as he knew
her to be quite headstrong in these matters. But Shivani did not even doubt that Hari was in for a
ruse and so, out of her rage against his rejecting her love she acted thus to teach him a lesson. So after
hearing of this incident, he bared his plan to Sumu who felt a feeling of gratitude sweep all over his
body for Hari. Hari wished Sumu good luck, advised him not to squander such hard-to-achieve fond-
victories and also gave him tips on how to advance on this ‘new journey’. Then he hung up.

Sumu did as he was advised by Hari in this course of love. Hari on his part in keeping with
his ruse abstained from phoning or seeing Shivani for about a year feigning anger and hatred, during
which period Sumu twice visited Shivani in her hostel when he had come home to stay during his
college holidays. In due course of time, Sumu graduated from that Law College and returned to his
native state where he became a well-qualified lawyer in the State High Court. On the other hand
Shivani, after pursuing her Masters in Veterinary Science, got a job in the State Animal Husbandry
Board. And when Hari had phoned to Shivani once after a year of that ruse, he found absent all
those verve which she had exhibited in her speeches ever the phone. It being a good sign, he
furthermore abstained from contracting her, paving the way for Sumu to make romantic inroads
and, for Shivani to, fill up that Vacuum in her longings arising out of his absence. Sumu’s and Shivani’s
love Snowballed and when they were financially well-established, they tied the knot as husband and
wife, joining the two angles of cupid’s triangle. Hari remained at the other angle, observing them but
remaining as a catalyst for he knew the failures of love advanced. Sumu was all praise for Hari from
the start to the finish but it was Shivani, when she got to know from her lover-husband Sumu that
Hari had only tricked her on that ‘fateful day’, only smiled and thanked him. And when their friends
heard of their love affair well-ended they all heaved a sigh of relief and congratulated Hari from their
part for uniting two lovers by sacrificing his own love. For love is an eternal thing that is more
brightened by sacrifice than possessiveness? It requires sacrifice in one way or another, or, in
whatever way possible to establish its perpetuity.

The end. * fiction. # previously published as a short story in the book, ‘the grandee of gorokhiah gaon and Other stories.’

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