Cupid’s un-evadable triangle! (Short story) part V. *#

(continued from part IV)… of day. Moreover, Shivani will be alone at her house at such times. So one day he phoned to her
during this period of the day. “Hi Shivani, this is Hari. I hope you are not sour with me now,” he said.
Shivani: “I’m not usually sour with anyone.”
Hari: “But you were with me last time.”
Shivani: “But you were adamant at that time.”
Hari: “So have you thought of something now?”
Shivani: “About what?”
Hari: “My request to you!”
Shivani: “It can never be ‘processed’, Hari. I had told you earlier that I hate Sumu. And the
more you will pressurize me, the more will I hate him.”
Hari: “But you said something about loving another one.”
Shivani fell silent. She felt shy. Inwardly, she knew that she was blushing, perceiving the
hotness in her cheeks. Then she said: “Of course I had … actually; it was like a whim …”
Hari: “Do you also now?”
Shivani: “Why?”
Hari: “Because it matters me.”
Shivani: “Well… Yes! I recall you now also.”
Hari: “Then I will recall you also. Only you have to accept Sumu as your lover-friend.”
Shivani: “What is that?”
Hari: “One who loves you as a friend?”
Shivani: “If it should be such then… Yes, I can accept him as any friend who is also fond of
me. But he should not think of loving me or culture any thoughts of receiving my love.”
Hari: “All right! I will talk to him” and then he hung up. Even inside the PCO this time, Hari
knew that he has another point. Shivani’s hatred against Sumu could be turned into ‘love’. He will
use himself as a ‘decoy’ and ask Sumu to be friendly with Shivani. From now on time will be the
important factor.

Already two months have passed after their appearing in their P.U. finals. Students are
disturbed in anticipation of their results and the courses and colleges they have to opt. for. Hari
decided to visit Shivani before their results are out and give her his best wishes. He contracted Sumu. He
had already told him of his ‘penetration’ into Shivani’s heart. Sumu felt relaxed. He Okayed the plan.

So one day, in Sumu’s family Scooter before noon they set out as planned. As expected, Shivani was
alone except some house servants who do not take part in their guests’ conversations. As had
happened earlier, Shivani was waiting for Hari but this time she was also ready for the unexpected.
She ushered both of them coolly. They exchanged talks and also had tea. At last they got up to go.
Hari said:
“See Shivani, we had come to wish you ‘good luck’ for the results. We know you will do well.
Even then I wish you good luck for the results. Here is a chocolate from me to mark up the occasion,”
saying this he produced a chocolate from his pocket and gave it to Shivani. Then he said: “I hope you
are not angry this time, are you?”
Shivani accepted the chocolate gleefully. She replied; “Why should I? I was not cross with
you earlier, was I” She lied. At this moment, seizing the occasion, Sumu fished out from his pocket a
small thing of some inches long, wrapped in coloured paper and offered it to Shivani saying:
“Here Shivani, this is something from me also. Hope you are not cross with me”. Shivani
feigned total ignorance. She said: “why should I be, Sumu? There should be no such questions from
you in the future also.” They both turned to go. As they mounted their scooter, Shivani waved them goodbye. Hari
said, “Bye Shivani, we both love you.” Shivani was perplexed. She only murmured, “OK. Hari, I also
love you.”

After they were gone, Shivani reminisced what had happened. She knew that Hari had
tricked her and that she had accepted Sumu’s friendly overtures. Hari had proclaimed of ‘their’ love
for her. She did not say ‘no’ then. She felt herself be-fooled. That damned Hari! She tried to ‘Shake
off’ her fondness for Hari’s but found that her mind could not think of such an Endeavour. Perhaps it
was her indulgement from her early teens by looking at Hari’s towering personality that her mind
got hooked to him. She felt as if she would throw Sumu’s petit gift away. She eagerly and fitfully tore
the wrappings off it and Lo! It was only a chocolate. But to her surprise there was something written
in it with a permanent type of ink. Shivani brought the chocolate closer to her eyes. It was written “I”
followed by three dots. Shivani did not understand the meaning of this expression. She threw the
chocolate on her study table with disgust. She thought she had made a mistake accepting it, but also
could not decline it in the presence of Hari.

Some days later the results were out. Sumu and Shivani secured good marks but could not
get admission into any medical college. Shivani got herself admitted into the State Veterinary
College at the capital city to study veterinary science and Sumu went to Bangalore to study the
integrated law course of five years duration. Hari took admission in the same college to pursue his
B.Com. They had been conversing over the phone and had known about each other’s results and
also about their further admissions. He again communicated with Shivani over the phone at her
hostel after his settlement in his hostel. Out of her love for him, she invited him to her college
fresher’s (freshmen’s) night.
Hari had never before entered the premises of the State Veterinary College. So he accepted
the invitation. Although college hostel discipline requires every inmate to be present inside the
Hostel within 7 pm, Hari decided to stay in Shivani’s College Auditorium till late evening to keep her
invitation and also advance the issue of Sumu’s ‘love’ for her. He met her inside the auditorium. It
was already full. They managed to get a seat at a corner of a wooden bench. Students were singing
in turns, celebrating and showing their talents. Shivani was taking pleasure in Hari’s company. Hari
said: “I think you know that Sumu has gone to Bangalore to study law?”
Shivani: “Yes, I have heard about that.”
Hari: “Well! He had told me to convey this information to you.”
Shivani: “Good of him!”
Hari: “The way he talks to me about you…, he has asked me to take care of you.”
Shivani: “Has he? But in reality, how can you take care of me?”
Hari: “Definitely I cannot… But it only speaks of his compassion and devotion to you.”
Shivani: “I see…”
Hari: “Say Shivani, if Sumu ever proposes marriage for you, would you agree?”
Shivani: “I do not imagine such things.”
Hari: “Why?”
Shivani: “I’m not such a fool as he.”
Hari: “But he loves you!”
Shivani: (A little angrily) “Oh shut up! I do not want to hear anything of such.”
The auditorium was abuzz with the din of music and the murmur of voices. Hari looked
sideways but knew that no one had heard Shivani’s angry rebuttal. Then he said: “Do you remember
Shivani that I once told you ‘I love you?’”

(to be continued)

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