Cupid’s un-evadable triangle! (Short story) part IV. *#

(continued from part III)…

Sumu : “Well, ‘Happy Bihu to you too, Shivani’. No! It was Hari who asked me for a lift. I
hope I have not ‘rained on your parade’.”
Shivani: “Oh no Sumu, don’t speak like that. I was only thinking how Hari could come alone,
his shyness is so profound.” Saying thus she opened her gate and let the two young friends inside
her house. She seated them and called her mother to introduce them. Once the Introduction was
over, they started chatting with each other. Deep inside her, Shivani felt an urge to chase Sumu
away from her house, so deep was her hated for him but she restrained herself. They had tea and
talked for about an hour when the two got up and bade goodbye to Shivani. As Shivani went to see
them off at her gate, Hari produced a small flat thing, wrapped in ordinary paper and gave it to
Shivani saying, “This is something from me to you on this Bihu. Hope you enjoy it.” Shivani took it
eagerly! Her heart raced a bit. Elation always proceeds after one receives a gift from a loved one or
one whom he or she adorns. After they had gone, Shivani opened the present and found something
wrapped in Violet water-proof paper. It was a chocolate! She was overjoyed. She tore off the outer
wrapping. Inside was cleverly placed a slip of paper. She read it eagerly. It was written “Happy Bihu
Shivani! I’ll be phoning you soon.” Definitely it is Hari, thought Shivani. And she will only be delighted
if Hari phones. So she eagerly anticipated his phone call.

Some days passed. Phone calls a many had come on all those days but they were not Hari’s.
Then one afternoon, it rang as before. As usual it was their servant who picked it up. Then he asked
Shivani to handle it saying she was wanted. Shivani was delighted when she heard Hari’s “Hello”
from the other end.
Shivani: “Why, Hari, have you been so late in phoning me?”
Hari: “Oh that I’m born a man! I have been busy going here and there and so have not found
the time to phone to you.” They exchanged pleasantries for about fifteen minutes when Shivani said:
“I don’t know why you wrote inside that gift that you will be phoning me. There is no need
to announce it early. You are free to phone anytime.”
Hari: “I know that. But actually, it would be Sumu who may be phoning to you”. Shivani was
shocked and became reddened with anger. She was speechless. She said:“You mean Sumu may
phone to me. Why on earth will he be phoning to me?”
Hari: “Because he has to talk to you on some matters.”
Shivani: “Has he? But tell him I don’t have anything with him. And how will he get my
number? Definitely, you are not giving it to him, are you?”
Hari: “But I have to!”
Shivani: “Why?”
Hari: “Because I am his friend!”
Shivani: “Was it you who wrote that slip?”
Hari: “It was actually him.”
Shivani: “And who paid for that Chocolate?”
Hari: “(Laughing) It was actually him. And he indeed got a good scolding from his home for
spending Rupees ten on such a trifle thing as chocolate. (some two-three decades ago the value of
money was high and so an average chocolate cost at that time between Rs. 2/- to Rs. 5/-). It just
speaks his love for you.”
Shivani: “Are you trying to impress upon me his love? Do you think that I will love him only
for a chocolate of Rupees ten?”
Hari: “It is more than a chocolate!”
Shivani: “What do you mean?” By now Shivani was feeling as if she would belch that
chocolate out, although it had been some days of her devouring it, so much was she disgusted with
the proceedings. Hari: “Well, he had been doing so many things for you from the first… and had spent so
much money for you.”
Shivani was by then razed with Hari. At that moment, it seemed like she had no weakness
for Hari and have therefore no need of maintaining courtesies with him. She said, “say, what things
has he done for me till now?”
Hari: “All those works which you asked me to do in you college-hostel as errands.”
Shivani: “I didn’t ask him to do them. It was you from whom I had sought help.”
Hari: “May be! But in effect it was Sumu who carried them out.”
Shivani: “That does not concern me. It was you who made him do them, not I. And you told
something about money; Naturally, I had ‘paid-up’ everything I owe you in matters where money
was needed?”
Hari: “Surely! But I’m telling of those things which were lavished on you.”
Shivani: “You mean?”
Hari: “Like those things I gifted you as presents.”
Shivani: “Like? Do you mean those trifling things like chocolates, cheap-pens, hankies, and
paper and cloth bouquets, new year greeting cards…?”
Hari: “And also the teas in the restaurants during our outings.”
Shivani: “Are you not ashamed to say that you had not paid for them after taking me out for
Hari: “I am! But I had to sacrifice my shame for him.”
Shivani: “Anybody would be a fool to sacrifice his shame for others.”
Hari: “But sacrificing shame is perhaps the least one can do for a friend.”
Shivani: “You showed yourself as Shameless. But covertly, you had also made me shameful.”
Hari: “But it is no shame to lose one’s dignity before her lover.”
Shivani: “But what right has you to put me to shame?”
Hari: “I don’t know how you came to be ashamed. Actually it is a privilege to be bestowed
with so much love.”
Shivani: “I didn’t ask for his love, especially through monetary means?”
Hari: “I arranged for that.”
Shivani: “Why?”
Hari: “Because he loves you.”
Shivani: “But it put me in an inferior position than him.”
Hari: “You have ways to be above him”. Some moments of silence followed. Then Shivani
asked: “How can I?”
Hari: “By accepting his love! When you will be complying with his pleas and requests then
….”-he was cut short by Shivani who spoke somewhat angrily:
“Shut up Hari! Being my friend does not mean you can bind me with anyone especially
whom I do not like. In fact I ‘hate’ Sumu although I act friendly with him”; (these words slipped from
her lips). “If ever in my life I have been fond of anyone it is you”; (again these words slipped out of
her mouth). She bit her lips in dismay. Then Hari spoke;
“Now as you told me that you are in love with me, I want you to fulfill my only wish.”
Shivani: “What is it?”
Hari: “That you reciprocate Sumu’s love for you.”
Shivani placed the receiver and hung up. She was dismayed over herself.

Hari, after putting
the receiver over the cradle of the phone inside the PCO realized that he may have some chance
with Shivani. He knew the value of ‘hatred’ in love and also knew how to strike ‘a hammer on a hot
iron’. He will phone her again on this subject.
Some days passed. Hari felt the heat of the conversation die away. This time he selected the
forenoon as the weather remains cool and the dispositions of humans are unexcited during this time

(to be continued…)

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