Cupid’s un-evadable triangle! (Short story) part II.*#

(Continued from part I)… Hari: “Yes! I have come here two or three times earlier.”
Shivani: “I find the cleanliness acceptable.”
Hari: “The food tastes great too.”

They talked through the meal until their return to their bus. When the bus started on the
onward journey, Hari started the earlier topic:
Hari: “I say, why did you keep away from Sumu at School?”
Shivani was clever. She replied: “But I kept away from all the boys. Did I mix physically with
Hari: “Of course not. But you should have kept up a friendship with Sumu?”
Shivani: “Why should I?”
Hari: “Because he kept looking at you.”
Shivani: “So?”
Hari: “Well, it could be that he loved you.”
Shivani: “How can you say of someone as loving you if he keeps ‘ogling’ at you? He may even
be finding your face ‘funny’ to look at?
Hari: “But funny faces don’t beckon ogling glances all the time.”
Shivani: “So did it mean he loved me?”
Hari: “Sure! What could it be otherwise?”
Shivani was silent. Then she spoke: “I had no desire to fall in love at school.”
Hari: “Do you have now?”
Shivani: “Why do you ask?”
Hari: “Well, I mean to say ‘Sumu’ loved you very much.”
Shivani, smilingly: “That means he does not love me now; are you saying that?”
Hari: “My God! Does love ‘die out’ over time if it does not find any response?”
Shivani: “I don’t know actually for I haven’t fallen in love yet”.
Hari: “Do you want to now?”
Shivani: “I can’t say…! Only time will tell.”
Hari: “But will time wait for you?”
Shivani: “So?”
Hari: “I thought if you give the matter a little thought then, …”
Shivani: “About what?”
Hari: “About Sumu’s love for you”
Shivani: “My God! I thought you were only passing the time gossiping. Has Sumu appointed
you as his advocate or what?”
Hari: “Friendship needs no advocate.”
Shivani: “Of course not! And I was thinking of you as a friend.”
Hari: “Am I not?”
Shivani: “Then please be my advocate also”
Hari: “For?”
Shivani: “Well, please tell Sumu that I don’t love him anyway!”
Hari: “Well, I can easily tell him that. But why on earth don’t you love Sumu?”
Shivani: “Because he doesn’t appeal to me!”
Hari: “You mean?”
Shivani: “His personality!”
Hari: “But he says he loves you!”
Shivani did not answer. The bus had at this time gathered a lot of speed. Shivani’s seat was
beside the window. The gust of wind coming through the open window of any fast moving vehicle
quickly reduces one to slumber. Shivani also felt the impact of that breeze. She slowly fell into a slumber and was soon fast asleep. Inside the dark bus occasionally illuminated by the beams-of-light
of the passing vehicles, Hari realized that Shivani had fallen asleep. Turning his head on the side of
the aisle and behind, he got a notion that everyone in the bus had surrendered themselves to sleep.
In that overwhelming prevailing condition of ‘temporary unconsciousness’, Hari perceived a ‘dead
weighty’ condition to rest his head on the upper-part of the high, inclined seat. And as he did so, he
felt a great weight taken off his mind and body…

The bus was still half an hour’s journey from the capital city when the beams of the morning
Sun’s rays illuminated the entire bus. Those golden beams showered a golden hue inside the colorful
bus and wakened everyone up inside the bus. It looked as if Hari was the last to be wakened up for
when he had regained his bearings, he could hear everyone’s murmur. And a few moments later as
he opened his eyes he was greeted by Shivani who said:
“Good Morning! I think you had a good sleep last night.”
Hari: “I really had! Have we reached?”
Shivani: “A dozen miles more I think. Are you eager to reach down?”
Hari: “No! But I think all will be getting down in an hour’s time.”
In half an hour the bus reached the destination. Several buses from all over the state had
already arrived. Shivani’s and Hari’s Colleges were different and so were their routes. In minutes
they will bid ‘goodbye’. So as a sign of formality, Shivani told Hari, “we have to part again for now.
You phone to me at my hostel. I will be thinking over the proposal given by you yesterday. But
chances are it may never turn out to be positive. Hari was shaken. He had forgotten his conversation
with Shivani the night before, how he had advocated and pressed for an acceptance of Sumu’s love
for Shivani. He recollected himself at once and replied with feigned intelligence:
“I’m sure you will. After all it is a matter of hearts, you know? If not yours heart than his at
Shivani: “Is it? I see….”, and then as the bus came to a halt amidst the murmur of the people inside
and outside, Hari added: “you have to anyway. It is a request from a friend!”
They got down from the bus and at once parted ways.

Back at their respective hostels, they
got ready for their student works. And so busy were they for a couple of weeks that Hari did not find
time to make a call to Shivani. Then only on the third Sunday following their arrival from home, did
Hari find time to make a call. He had not also during this time met Sumu who was in the same
college with Shivani and so had not shared his conversation with him, but he decided to feign to her
on this matter. There were no mobile phones in those days and one had to go to the Public Call
Office (PCO) to call somebody which was a little expensive. But in this case he will be a local caller
and so it will not bleed him much. He called her in the evening. The hostel ward boy of Shivani’s
hostel called on her at her room to announce the call.
Hari: “Hi Shivani, this is Hari. How are you?”
Shivani: “I’m fine. Hope you are also OK. So you got the time today to phone to me. Of
course I was also busy too.”
Hari did some talking followed by some from Shivani. After a minute or two he opened his
earlier errand of request. “Say Shivani, have you thought of ‘Processing’ my request?” He asked in a
technical style.

(To be continued)…

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