Cupid’s un-evadable triangle! (Short story) part I*#

  1. This triangle has been perceived by many people all over the world. Some entered this
    triangle themselves and came out victorious; others came out not victoriously but as those who
    entered the triangle; while some others never came out from this triangle alive. This triangle could
    not be drawn or, made out of anything nor, can anyone see it. But it can be perceived through
    observation from the exterior and also, by those who intentionally or through misfortune come
    within the ambit of this triangle. Like this triangle forming in every part of the world, it also came to
    be formed in a small town of this part of India. And in this triangle, two of its actors were males
    while one was a female. All the actors of this triangle were of the same age and same standard. But
    the uniqueness of this triangle was that one of its actors did not know that he had come
    unintentionally into this triangle. So perhaps it will be better if we look at this triangle from the angle
    of this unintentional actor who was pulled against his knowledge into this triangle.

  2. Harinder or Hari as he was popularly called was a Lanky Sikh boy of fourteen years of age. At
    the time of his coming into this triangle, he had not entered Manhood. He was tall, suave, smart and
    quite athletic. He had one short coming-he was not brilliant in his studies like the other actors of the
    triangle. But this short coming of his did not in any way decrease his personality. In fact, it remained
    so dynamic that it attracted the fancy of the sharpest girl in his section-Shivani.

  3. Now Shivani, just like the way she was the sharpest of the students of her ‘Section’, was also
    the smartest, most head-strong and, possessed the most stable personality among the girls of her
    section. Being the daughter of a doctor in a family of high caste-well educated people, she was well
    bred and also possessed a well-proportioned physique and personality from her childhood. And at
    the time of the formation of this triangle which started from her fancy for Hari, she had already
    received the kernel of womanhood from Mother Nature. But she could not be motivated or swayed
    to think of any other young man or person at that time other than Hari. Only Hari’s lanky frame and
    dynamic personality caught her attention and it can also be said that his mediocrity in his studies
    which was largely opposite to the sharpness in her, caught her fancy even more. Gazing fancifully is a
    sign of love and Shivani would find an outlet of her love by gazing at Hari whenever she would find a
    chance and, the time. Hari did not mind being ogled or gazed-at by her for he was not till that time
    gifted by nature of that wonderful power and feeling called youth. But their classmates observed
    this and within a few days of this observation came to the conclusion that Shivani loved Hari, thus
    giving a start to the triangle.

  4. There was another actor in this triangle of Cupid’s. He was Samujjal
    but his friends short named him as Sumu, because of his fatness which fits the Sumu Wrestlers of
    Japan. Sure Sumu was fat but he broke that disadvantage of his by taking part in sports and in quiz
    programs. He had an infatuation for Shivani from his teens and when he found himself on the
    threshold of youth, he found that infatuation turn to fondness and desire which he did not at that
    time recognize as love. Like Shivani who would stare at Hari, he would glance from time to time at
    Shivani although he would not be reciprocated by her as she was already possessed by her fancy for
    Hari. But his classmates soon caught up with this act of his and so the complete triangle of love could
    be perceived by them.
  5. Cupid’s triangles do not last long. As it is a three sided thing with only three
    players in it, one player or actor remains neutral or is thrown outside the triangle every time. This
    happened in this triangle also.
    As said earlier, Hari did not know that Shivani was fond of him and that he had come inside a
    triangle. But like his classmates, he had also come to know that Sumu has fallen for Shivani and is
    very much in love with her. He also resented the fact that Shivani do not reciprocate this love but he
    does not express his resentment as he thinks it to be of her personal matter. Even then he disliked
  6. Shivani’s rigid stand. He decided to break Shivani’s adamancy and unite Sumu with Shivani. And he
  7. was rewarded in his determination within a year or two.
  8. When hari passed his matriculation, he decided to study commerce at a prestigious college
  9. of commerce in the capital city. In the same city also, in another prestigious college of the state
  10. known for its antiquity and for the luminaries it has produced from its inception, Shivani and Sumu
  11. has taken admission as Pre-University (P.U) Science students. And although their colleges were
  12. different, Hari and Shivani would come and go in the same buses to and from their homes to their
  13. colleges. So Hari thought he can talk to Shivani over this matter if he found the chance. So after a
  14. couple of journeys to and from their colleges together, one day after he had boarded the night-
  15. service bus and had seated himself beside Shivani, he began to converse with her with the idea of
  16. introducing Sumu’s love for her in the background. In the course of his conversation he said to her:
  17. “Say Shivani, now that you have been six months at such a prestigious college, has anyone come to
  18. you for friendship?
  19. Shivani: “You mean?”
  20. Hari, on the sly: “I mean has any girl of your college come to you for friendship?”
  21. Shivani: “Why surely, I have my hostel mates and my batch mates as friends”.
  22. Hari: “nobody outside these two circles?”
  23. Shivani: “You mean?”
  24. Hari: “Like someone superior than you.”
  25. Shivani: “You mean my seniors? Why all my roommates are older than me.”
  26. Hari: “And among your batch mates, who are your closest?”
  27. Shivani: “No one particularly as I treat all of them as equals.”
  28. Hari: “Our previous schoolmate Sumu is your batch mate this time. Perhaps you have a good
  29. deal of friendship with him.”
  30. Shivani: “why did you ask?”
  31. Hari: “ Only because you told me that all are your friends that is why.”
  32. Shivani: “That is for sure although he … I mean he keeps a little distance from me.”
  33. Hari: “Does he? I thought it is you who keeps away from him?”
  34. Shivani: “Why should I?”
  35. Hari: “Because you had that habit at school.”
  36. Shivani: “Did you notice it then?”
  37. Hari: “We all did!”
  38. Shivani felt silent from outside she looked embarrassed. She looked downwards. Then she
  39. spoke, “of course I had reasons which can be called ‘entirely personal’”. Hari fell silent. He felt as if
  40. he had ‘bumped’ into something solid. Some moments of silence followed between them although
  41. in the bus other passengers had been talking. Shivani looked out of the window. Hari looked
  42. downwards and thought of a situation to ‘create a round’ to continue the conversation. He was
  43. rewarded some hours later.
  44. Hari and Shivani at this time were travelling in a Night-Service bus. At the time of their
  45. chatting, dusk was descending on the earth. And as the silence followed after those talks coupled
  46. with the gradually increasing darkness, both Hari and Shivani fell into a slumber. Some hours later
  47. the bus stopped at a place which fell half-way between the capital city and their home and during
  48. that stoppage they were wakened up by the call of the conductor to refresh themselves. Hari and
  49. Shivani alighted and went to the same Hotel. They ordered rice for meals and sat down to eat. Hari
  50. broke the Ice-“The meals at this hotel are nice. Have you eaten them earlier?”
  51. Shivani: “No! This is the first time I have come here. Have you yourself earlier?”

(to be continued)…

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