Loves in the lanes* (Short story)# part II

Continued from part I.

After what seemed like more than fifteen seconds, he said, “well, if you are finding him boring or
detestable, you can live with me. I always pity woman like you”.
That opened the door for Jaya. In her heart of hearts, she had a great likening and inclination
for Jadav. But being married and belonging to the menial caste, she could not expect any welcome,
but only rejection from him. So she had kept her thoughts and feelings to herself and had been
venting her suppressed passions by talking and jesting with him whenever he visited them. Now, she
could hardly control her emotions. Even then, to show some decency, she controlled her statement
to a, “will you be able to live with me?”
Jadav: “My…are you an animal or anything of that sort? I don’t see any reason why I cannot
live with so fine a woman as you”.
Jaya: “But how can you live with a sweeper woman like me? Even talking with me raises
eyebrows in the society!”
Jadav: “It may! But this same society does not feed you when you are hungry, treat you
when you are ill or, give you the girl you desire to marry. Society is needed only for some common
purposes. In other things, society acts only as a barrier in the free conduct and upliftment of an
Hardly had he finished talking when Jaya cut off the conversation. Jadav guessed only the
affirmative. Some months passed when he blankly told her that he loved her and also wished to
marry her. At first Jaya was disinclined for marriage. But upon Jadav’s insistence and feeling his
ardor, she made up her mind to elope with him.

A year had passed after Jaya’s husband bought an insurance policy through Jadav. Jadav
frequents her house as usual. His tempo has been increasing from some months past. In case of his
other policyholders, their renewal premiums and the commission accruing there-from are his
concern; but not in case of Jaya’s husband. In this house-hold, he has other things in his mind. Till
this time from the day their love has been settled, he has never hugged or lifted Jaya, leave alone
kissing her. Pure love needs no hugging, embracing or kissing, he feels. Perceiving and sharing of the
emotions is the real love; the physical and sensual enjoyment is only the last part which in many
cases, is not required and is better if left un-enjoyed or unexplored except when love is perfected in
marriage. Jaya has consented to come to his life; so there is no need to be physical now. And so one
forenoon, in one of his visits to Jaya’s house, he came out only minutes after he had come followed
by Jaya in beautiful, but not showy clothes. In the eye of their neighbors, they are going out together
for the first time, but she and Jadav knew, this was also the last time they have come out together
from her house. Jaya left a photocopy of the marriage certificate for her husband which Jadav had
produced at the Marriage Registrar’s Office by registering themselves as husband and wife even
before eloping.

Jaya’s husband got to know of her elopement only late in the evening of that day. As he was
heavily under his drinks, he could not grasp the situation clearly. His younger daughter had cried
herself to sleep from shyness, grief and frustration. It was the elder one who broke the news to him.
He beat her instead, leveling her as unlucky to convey such message and not cooking the night meal.
Only the next day could Jaya’s husband discern what had happened. He felt shy to go to
work. His daughters also absented themselves from their classes. His neighbors urged him to lodge a
complaint with the police. ‘Case of abduction and forced marriage’ they urged him. In his moods of
frustration, grief, shame and anger against his wife, and to cover his pseudo manliness, he did just
that. The Police brought in Jadav and Jaya and booked them under section 420z of the Indian Penal
Code (IPC) against this allegation of Abduction and forced marriage. But in this case also, the ever cautious Jadav played his role well. He had brought the original as well as a photocopy of the
marriage certificate with him to show to the police. He gave them to the police proclaiming his
innocence. The Police interviewed Jaya. Jaya replied negatively. She told the Police that she loved
Jadav and had come to him of her own free will. The Police could not do anything when one from
the plaintiff’s side speaks on behalf of the accused. Jadav and Jaya were rewarded for their
unflinching love by being released from the Police Station. Jaya’s husband got a good reprimand
from the Police and was made to spend a night at the Police Station for falsely implicating Jadav and
Jaya. Jadav and Jaya were not only given a clean chit from the Police Station but their discharge from
the Police Station within an hour of their arrest made the neighbors of Jadav’s newly rented house
see them with a new light and gave Jadav and Jaya a new and special recognition from them. It is
only a natural circumstance that when a higher authority frees someone, common people accept
such judgment only ‘too easily’.
And so after spending a night in the Police Station, Jaya’s husband after returning to his
house had not the courage nor, the decency to go to his work or, face his friends. And so as a last-
stand to save his disgrace, he has been making preparations for an ‘Adhyashraddha’ (funeral
ceremony) in the name of his wife Jaya to show to the world that in his and his family’s opinion, Jaya
is dead. This has made his acquaintances and neighbors laugh and deride him more. Jaya and Jadav
also came to know of this ceremony. They had a good laugh among themselves as soon as they
heard about this ceremony.
Jaya and Jadav decided to start life ‘anew’. Jaya being educated took an agency at the Post
Office to work as an agent for small savings schemes. They have decided to start a family with an
income earned together in this way and encased in that perpetual passion of all living beings – love!

The end.

. *Fiction. #published as a short story in my book entitled, ‘the grandee of gorokhiah gaon (and other stories)’ and which is available as an eBook and as a paperback at

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