Loves in the Lanes* (short story)# part I.

  1. They tell that they had seen him sitting and watching television in Jaya’s house everyday in
    the forenoon. Jaya’s husband was ignorant of the affair as his occupation required him to arrive at
    eight in the morning everyday at his work and from which he is free at four in the afternoon. Her
    two young daughters also showed ignorance of the affair as they leave home at half-past eight every
    weekdays for school. But her neighbors and all who passed that way ‘everyday’ recalled seeing him
    or, finding his motorcycle on the small ground beside the road in front of Jaya’s house. The
    neighbors have been talking about it for some days past which have made Jaya’s husband and her
    daughters abstain from work and school, and keep themselves inside their house out of shame. Her
    husband was even contemplating a ritual usually performed by the Hindus after the death of a
    family member.

  2. The affair about which these neighbors of Jaya were talking, and which prompted her
    husband into thinking of performing the said ritual was her elopement with Jadav, a local Brahmin
    young man who worked as a life Insurance Agent. And the factors which have led to so much
    discussion and preparation is that Jaya was from the Harijan Caste-a Sweeper-and mother of two while
    Jadav, although of the same age as Jaya, was from the Local Assamese Brahmin Community.
    Now they say lovers are blind or simply put, lovers become blinded by passion and this also
    happened in the case of Jadav and Jaya. But it is also true as the neighbors have been telling that, no
    one got wind of this affair before. But as things got unfolded even at a later time people got to know
    how love happened between Jadav and Jaya. It was like this:

  3. As said earlier, Jadav was a Life Insurance Agent and so he frequented some neighbors of
    Jaya’s who had taken Life Insurance Policies through him. It called on his profession to mix with
    people a great deal and so Jadav, often and on, visits the neighbors of Jaya for a fresh policy. Some
    two years prior to this love affair, some of Jaya’s husband’s friends advised him to take an Insurance
    Policy of some lakhs amount as they have seen his drinking sprees increasing. He has crossed the
    fifty-year age barrier and so they felt he had not much time to buy any insurance policy. This
    required Jaya’s husband to ask his neighbors for a known Insurance Agent of theirs who will be like a
    friend for him also. This prompted the neighbor to introduce Jadav to Jaya’s husband. Life Insurance
    policies are not bought overnight; they require time from the point of the buyer and, much patience
    from the Agent’s side. This required Jadav to visit Jaya’s house once a month. As familiarity breeds
    contempt, contrarily, it also produces between the opposite sexes some sort of attraction which
    when attended to, produce passions between them. This frequenting of Jadav to Jaya’s house once a
    month for her husband’s Life Insurance policy, although made in full view of her neighbors and
    children, made him feel some attraction towards Jaya’s lovely face and her curved, youthful body.

  4. And as said earlier, the same condition which necessitated Jaya’s husband take a Life Insurance
    policy, also led him to remain away from her, at least physically, for the past year and a half. There
    remains little or, none love between couples when their physical touch diminishes or, expires. This
    happened with Jaya also. For some months last she has not received any love from her husband, not
    even a firm grasp on her back from her behind. Now Jadav’s monthly anticipatory visits have ignited
    the same flame in her young mind and youthful body which she had perceived from her grown up
    years. At first she was shy enough to sit in front of him and gossip. She would put the tea cup and
    the plateful of biscuits before him and hurry into her living room. But Jadav’s bright personality, his
    soft yet determined looks and his gentle, manly voice inclined her towards him. It was the same with
    Jadav. At first, he was thinking only of her husband’s Insurance Policy; nothing else mattered to him.
    But over time, when his visits increased and he got to see Jaya more in her visits to the drawing
    room, he became inflamed with Passion. Those eyes of hers-eyes which a male human being always
    looks for in love-which although black but bright, match with the eyes he longs to see in women.

And her sweet voice, her cleanliness, her youthful figure and her gait, slowly filled his mind with
Passion for her. He decided to tell his mind to her when he will find a chance. And that chance came
one day on the fifth month of his visits to her house.

That Jaya’s husband will be taking a Life Insurance Policy through Jadav as the agent was a
surety. But he could not make his ends meet due to his scanty income. And during Jadav’s visit to
their house one day, Jaya asked Jadav a question: “Say, what will happen if my husband dies before
the policy matures?”
Jadav: “In that case you will be receiving the Insurance amount and some bonus. Why did
you ask?”
Jaya: “Simply! Actually, I didn’t know.”
Jadav, humorously: “Well, I mean would you like him dead?”
Jaya did not answer. She looked downwards.
Jadav: “Well, you will be richer by some lakhs of rupees. Can I know what will you do with
this money?”
Jaya did not say anything. Instantly, she got up and with her face downwards, got out from the

Jadav was clever. He could sense people’s weakness. He did not proceed on that matter any
further. He phoned to Jaya the next day. After some few formal words, he asked her:
“Say, why did you go out of the room yesterday with face downwards? Did I say anything
Jaya: “No! It was not that, I was only thinking of some other thing”.
Jadav: “But why did you think of his death? You could’ve thought of him as living and
enjoying life with you and your daughters”.
Jaya: “He may live-on but he will never enjoy life with us… he loves his booze mere than us”.
Now Jadav can be conditionally clever for his age and profession. He knew when to hammer
a red-hot Iron. He said: “what do you mean ‘not enjoying’ with you? Doesn’t he love you? I don’t
think he hates you or detests you”.
“Well”, said Jaya, “you see, not-hating someone doesn’t mean loving the person very much.
What I am telling is that he loves his drinks more than us-I mean his family, although it hasn’t
amounted to ‘hate’ yet”.
Jadav: “Doesn’t he love you, I mean your daughters also?”
Jaya: “He used to very much earlier. But from some months past he has been remaining
away from them and gets irritated from them even when they go near him. From a score or so of
days, he hasn’t been talking and sharing jokes with them. He has perhaps talked about this change of
his attitude to his friends. That is why they have been urging him to buy a ‘Life Insurance’ Policy”.
Jadav: “I see! Now if he will also stop talking and sharing with you what will you do? Or, if
something happens to him enabling you to receive a claim from the Insurance Company?”
Jaya did not say anything for some moments. Jadav counted the seconds in his mind. He
knew he has touched a chord. Shall he say it now? Is it the opportune moment? How will he say it?… (To be continued)

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