A warning which is also an invitation!

Hi everybody, can you guess what the above thing is? Well, it may even be detestable to many of you. Yes, this is human fat! But I have not uploaded this image to just show how human fat looks like or what colour it is. I have uploaded it to talk about its mass and the space it would take inside your bodies. Now, do you know how much this chunk of fat weighs? Only five pounds or 2.238 kgs. Not much surely, you would say. Now can you guess what will be the mass of 10 kgs.of such fat? Definitely enormous, isn’t it? And where will those fat be inside our bodies? Surely primarily in and around our abdomen with some converging around our internal organs like the heart, kidneys, the liver, pancreas, gall bladder, spleen etc. And when these internal organs will be covered by small or large amounts of such fats, will they be able to function properly? You can ask your doctor for an unbiased answer but by my guess they cannot. So are we not doing an injustice and a harm to our bodies by over-eating things and also not exercising physically which make and accumulate this fat? Perhaps. Or, you may even say that it is all the way true. So knowing thus doesn’t it fall into our duties (by whatever means possible) to lessen this fat inside our bodies so that our internal organs don’t feel congested and perform their specific tasks naturally or, even stop eating such tasty but useless things which may start or increase their production? Time to ponder!

Regards and, best of luck for a slim, fit-and-fine well tuned body. Amen!

Image source: quora.com

Published by indrajyoti dutt

Hi folks, I'm an ordinary guy who sells both life and general insurance to earn a living. I also have interest in writing and reading and so have opened this blog at WordPress. I hope my writings and other posts will be noticed by you and will also be commented upon to make them better and entertaining in the near future. Wishing the best to you all out there. Have a great time.

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