Hi readers, do you know why I have written this article? Perhaps you don’t! So, let me tell you. I think all or most of you who ‘blog posts’ or read other’s blogs in the net have computers (of any type) in your homes. And this also brings us to the fact that all of you have electricity in your homes. Which perhaps also mean that all of you or almost all of you have an inverter connection in your homes to back-up the electricity failures that may happen to your homes anytime. But all of you may also agree that in India generally and, particularly in its North Eastern part this type of electricity back-up (through the inverter) have only started about three decades previously and it is only from about fifteen years previously that most of the shops and houses had been able to arrange an inverter connection to back-up the electricity breakdown that may happen to our homes and shops anytime. But even now, in most of Africa and in large parts of S.America and Asia among the poor people, such back-up facilities cannot be found and people are even nowadays dependent on wax-candles, kerosene lamps and other types of devices to lighten up their homes in case of any electricity failures. But what made me write about this modern yet common thing? Well, after an incident which happened to me today. In the morning, after I got up from the bed and was doing some household work under the inverter backed-up light, I noticed the bulb gradually dimming and within seconds, black out completely. Upon a self-examination, I found that the battery of the inverter of our house has exhausted itself ‘of old age’, that is to say.* This made me at once recollect in what part of our house has mother dumped the antiquated hurricane lamp, the portable-glass kerosene lamp and, the once majestic looking brass candle stand. I no doubt found them, coated with layers of dust. After bathing and having my breakfast, I engaged myself in cleaning them and making them reusable one by one. As I was going through that cleaning, not tiresome but, time consuming process, memories of those days fifteen years previous began to pass through my mind like a reverie. I automatically perceived scenes of how mother would trim the lamps everyday, how I would enthusiastically and excitedly bring home the subsidized kerosene from the government appointed control shops every month, how during nights of storm the candle would flicker and, how worried we would be (on such Stormy nights) lest the electricity doesn’t return after the storm dies down. And how one would desist from going to another’s house in those times of electricity cuts and semi-dark areas and, how difficult it becomes in those homes in such situations who were carrying out some religious rituals or, hosting a birthday or, any other type of party. And then verily nobody knew how this concept of backing-up the electricity of our homes through inverters came up but perhaps remember the wave that came unto us and pushed everyone into abandoning these simple yet highly useful light-giving things. And as I finished cleaning them and trimming the wicks and then was drowning the parched wicks in kerosene, I imagined the millions of homes in Africa, S.America and in large parts of Asia who would be lighting up their homes this evening with these types of devices as they had been doing so from decades and may even be doing so in the near future also and, how lucky are we to have been able to afford a battery and inverter set to back-up the temporary electricity cuts in our homes with the same type of electricity but only through another source.

* I found out later on that day that I had unintentionally forgotten to switch on the electricity to the inverter which charges the battery, after I had been filling it with water the previous day. And as the battery was old, devoid of charge, it slumped. Anyway, I was presented with some good recollections.

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